Free is good, yes? I have stashes of ephemera and images and my own personal photos that I’ve been collecting over the years, and it’s time to share them! I try to upload items that are in the public domain or are copyright free, but I am not a copyright expert, nor have I ever played one on TV. When I upload my own photos in this section of my blog, I give you permission to use them in your artwork. Feel free to use these downloads in your personal creations, but please don’t resell the images posted here.

If you like these items, please leave a comment! Feedback is good.

To download, click on the thumbnail (you may need to click twice to arrive at the downloadable image). PC’s, right-click and save. Macs, drag and drop.

Newest item: These marvelous illustrations are from my great-great grandmother’s book, “Buds and Blossoms,” published in 1852. The book appears to be a primer about proper conduct, geared toward young adults, and is filled with short stories and poems about the right ways (and wrong ways) to behave in social situations. The pages are thick, so the print and illustration impressions can be seen on the reverse side of the page. Adds charm to the images, I think. Some pages are more yellowed than others. (Click on the thumbnail for the full-size image — you may need to click twice to get to the downloadable image.)







3 thoughts on “FREEBIES 4U

  1. Hi,
    I loved the images you posted. I am a designer who loves using ephemera in work and find it harder and harder to find quality vintage art elements. Thanks.

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