CoryMargenauFauszWelcome to bcreative2day. I’m Cory Margenau Fausz. By day I’m a marketing maven and graphic designer. In my secret life I’m a photographer and collage artist. Well, maybe that should read “paper addict, hoarder of ephemera, and lover of all things patina’d, tattered and aged.” I love type faces and old type pieces. I love architectural elements — gothic, arabesque, baroque. I love birds and wings and eggs and speckled things. I love teal and tomato red, aged copper and old gold. I’m of German/English/Irish descent, but I have a French soul. I adore old handwritten letters, ornate alphabets and finely detailed winged cherubs. I have a penchant for antique colored flowers, seashells and witty repartee. I crave Provencal olives, approachable, rich red wines and lavender. And I love music. All kinds, really. It’s the rhythm that stirs my soul. I started this blog to share the things that inspire me in my art and my days — I hope they inspire you too.


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