Thinking about making my own spider silk

Last week I read an article on the Wired blog about an astounding silk tapestry exhibit that has recently opened at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The intricate golden fabric — woven entirely from undyed silk milked from over a million Golden Orb spiders of Madagascar — is a work of art to behold. (Click here to see the museum’s page and a terrific video about the tapestry.)

The article reminded me of the Golden Orb spiders that used to spin their glorious webs around our apartment in Knoxville, TN, and it made me wonder why I hadn’t seen any of these lovelies here in Georgia. So, imagine my glee when friend and neighbor Louise stopped by the house today with news of a spider sighting. “Grab your camera, Cory,” she said. “I think you’re going to want this for your blog!”

She was right.


One thought on “Thinking about making my own spider silk

  1. I love watching the spiders weave. It’s a sign of fall that doesn’t get a lot of good press, but I spent one late summer/early fall mesmerized by a spider weaving a lovely web on my Ansley Park balcony all among my happy plants. Every day, I’d watch for the birth of the baby spider, so sure I’d catch it. Never did. Never will. I want to see your silk cuz I know you’re gonna do this. alicia

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