Yes, I am an Ebay addict

It started with one stamp. 314 seller’s reviews later (100%, I might add), I can officially say, “I’m an Ebay addict.” I suppose there’s a 12-step program for this somewhere, but I’m not going. Why? Because of the very COOL stuff you can find there. And I’m just talking about the stamps, paper and ephemera that I use in my creations. I have friends who have found cars, clothing, shoes … you name it. My husband finds WWII and flying ace memorabilia there all the time (his collecting passion … and he is, by the way, the one who showed me the Ebay ropes, so, in essence, he’s my “enabler” (lol)). Did I mention that I found amazing vintage Paris postcards on Ebay? I’ll save that for another post.

So, here’s what came today:

Doesn't look like much ...

Doesn't look like much ...

OK, here’s what was in the box:


The COOLEST stamps ever!

Ahhhhh. 74 wonderments in wood and rubber. Complete JOY!


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