I start with tape

Welcome to bcreative2day. For a while now I’ve been thinking about starting a blog that might inspire creativity and chronicle things that inspire me in my art and my days. During a recent week in Paris with a dear friend, Holly, I found my inspiration to start this blog. Must have been all that wine and cheese, cheery chatting — and incredible art and architecture — that opened up my mind.

What will this blog be about? It’s going to be about things that make me smile … things that inspire an A-ha! hand clap … things that are cool, or designed well, or simply gorgeous … things that, I hope, are just plain worth sharing and that might make you smile, and spur your own creativity, too.

So, I start with packing tape:

Tape from Le Bon Marche - Gorgeous!

Tape from Le Bon Marche - Gorgeous!

Now, this is no ordinary tape — it’s tape fit for royalty! I bought it at Le Bon Marche in Paris, so it came at a regal price (14 Euros). But I had to have it, because it spoke to my artsy-fartsy soul. And because Holly walked me all the way to the store to show me their glorious paper arts department. I needed a souvenir. Plus, at 60 meters (175+ feet) it will keep me busy for a while.

The tape is produced by Donkey Products out of Germany, but after a look at their website, I’ve discovered they are simply the creators of products that creative geniuses come up with, not a site from which you can buy. So, thank you to the creative genius behind this tape. And, anyone reading, please let me know if you have a selling source for this or other cool tapes, and I’ll post it. Coming soon … a creation of mine inspired by this tape!


26 thoughts on “I start with tape

  1. Very cool! I want to know what you do with it, lol. I can see myself buying something like that. 🙂

  2. History_Geek sent me from Twitter.

    And I’m glad.

    I just finished grad school and I’m looking for my next challenge which, I suspect, will be motivating elementary students during mandatory summer school.

    One of the areas I’m working on is the idea of having them create a literary journal. I want to teach them how to find inspiration for their writing and have begun to gather different ideas for them. Not just “what I want to do this summer” writing prompts (boring!), but odd objects and interesting photos. Plus, I want them to go outside the classroom at one point and find something that inspires some sort of writing.

    The tape inspires me: in the hands of an 8 year old, what would they do with it? How would they take it and apply it? Or would they? Hmmm….

    Great blog idea – love it!

  3. Now aren’t you glad you decided to buy that tape?

    As a witness to the painful deliberations (“14 euros, I don’t know, oh it’s so gorgeous, but 14 euros, what will I do with all of that tape, it’s so cool, so ^&*^&% cool, but 14 euros”), I was never so glad to see the Au Bon Marche guy wrap it up for you in the fancy bright orange bag.

    I had my priorities straight at least. We had wine and cheese shopping to get done before the stores closed!

  4. I too loved Paris, but sure got the evil eye when I wanted cheese before dinner instead of after. Stupid American.

    Good luck with the blog. You will love it. Now to go get some of that yummy tape!

  5. Ah what a great idea for a blog. I find my creative (outside of my work) side often languishing.

    Found your site via a Twitter post from @history_geek — Best wishes.

  6. I followed the tweet left by “history-geek” to your blog. It looks lovely!!

    I have visted Paris twice – and would love to again. Will you post more of your Parisian adventures?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the blogosphere!

  7. Holly sent me here from Twitter. You should Twitter, too! I’m excited about your blog – can you add an RSS feed subscription so I can put you in my google reader?

    AND — Love the tape. Those Germans, they’ve got it goin’ on!

  8. Hi there!

    What a great start to blogging! I’m here via a friend’s recommendation from Twitter(Thanks History_Geek!). That tape is truly gorgeous and anyone receiving a package that it is on should know they are getting something out of the ordinary.

    I also think that starting a blog with a post about tape can only ensure that folks stick around for more. 🙂

    Join me on Twitter –> @christina1973

  9. Found you on Twitter via History_Geek. Lovely site! I look forward to reading more. Can’t believe that is packing tape though — it’s too beautiful!

  10. Holly – history_geek – sent me too! Lovely piece, and good luck with your brand new blog. You’ll find it to be very fun & satisfying.

    I’ve only been to Paris once, feel like they could just drop me off there and come back for me in a month. So much to explore. That tape is unique, a great find!

    So…if you join Twitter, you’ll find great pals, fascinating discussions, contacts & experts you’d never find any other way…. and if, no, WHEN, you join, follow me @judywriter.

  11. History_Geek sent me from Twitter.

    I must say I LOVE this and I am anxious to see what all you do with it. I love artsy-fartsy folk and look forward to more.

    P.S. Join Twitter already, will you?!?!

  12. I didn’t even know they made different kinds of packing tape like that. If I bought a roll I would never use it. Seems a shame to waste it on packing boxes to move, but maybe if I were sending a nice package to someone.

    History_geek also sent me, but I think I’ll stick around 🙂

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